Hello, i am Esther!

i am 15 years old, i like programming :P, gaming, and music. i am a trans girl, i use she/they pronouns.

my favourite artists are mitski, poppy and melanie martinez

i mostly program in html, css, python, and im trying to learn rust! :3

I did a couple of programming projects; yet i didnt share them out to the public, as a website yet. why?

i am not certainly sure of my skills right now.

if you want to see them, the code is avaible on github; these are really simple projects, but i am really proud of them. the code to this site is avaible in there too!!

Do not interact, and do interact if.

please do not interact if you're under the age of 12, we don't share any interests, you're transphobic/lgbtphobic, hate on linux users, and basic dni criteria.

please do interact if you like the same things i do, are over the age of 12, support lgbt, program things, and play project sekai, or if you have watched wonder egg priority.